IMPD leads nation in police pursuits among similar size departments

(WISH Photo, file)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Chief Troy Riggs walked back and forth as he addressed a room of officers and civilian employees. During his 30 minute presentation he made it clear what IMPD’s pursuit policy needs to be address.

IMPD leads the country for departments of its size in police pursuits. Back in 2015, a grandmother died in a police pursuit crash in Fountain Square. Police cancelled the car chase about four minutes before the crash happened. IMPD added that the suspect spotted a police car near an intersection and sped up causing the crash.

Riggs asked the crowd for suggestions on how to mitigate the dangers of a police pursuit. During the discussion he also credited an IMPD sergeant for calling off a chase recently after learning the suspect had stolen some baseball caps from a car.

“How are you going to feel as an officer if someone dies over stolen baseball caps?” Riggs asked.

IMPD is looking into purchasing technology to decrease police pursuits.

“There is no one who hates letting a bad guy go more than I do, but most of those pursuits are for nominal charges,” said Riggs.

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