Watch: Security cam shows man stealing car with baby inside

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers are looking for the man who stole a car with a baby in the backseat. It’s a crime that was caught on camera.

Around 11:50 p.m. Monday, a woman left her car running outside the Phillips 66 gas station on South State Street. After going inside, a man jump inside her vehicle and took off, according to IMPD.

He didn’t just take the car, but a baby in the backseat. The store showed 24-Hour News 8 the surveillance video.

We played it for neighbors who couldn’t believe what they saw. “My heart just melted for that mother, because it could’ve been a situation where that child could’ve been killed — or anything,” Indianapolis resident Cecilia Craig said.

“I would’ve pulled him out of the car, you know,” Indianapolis resident Brant Pitcock said. “That’s just stupid. You are putting a kid’s life in danger. I would never, I’d never leave my car running.”

In addition to the theft, the video also shows the mother was inside for nearly five minutes before realizing what happened. After she did, officers found the car 45 minutes later in a back alley, about half a mile from the gas station, with the baby inside.

The baby was not the only thing the suspect left behind. Officers said they found the shirt and the Pacers hat he was seen wearing in surveillance video.

Cameras also spotted him inside the store. As officers try to track him down, neighbors expressed caution to anyone just looking to quickly run inside somewhere.

“If you want your car when you come out, don’t leave it running,” Pitcock said. “That’s what I say. I’m only 19 and I’m smart enough to know not to leave your car running.”

“If he would do this to this woman, he would do this to anyone, and who’s to say the next situation that he won’t kill anyone,” Craig said.

The only description police were able to proved was that the suspect is a white male.

If you have any information about the suspect, you’re urged to call police at 262-TIPS.

As for charges against the mother, officers said there are several factors that must be considered and will be addressed in a follow-up investigation.

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