Caught on video: NJ police officer saves man from jumping off bridge

Photo provided by CNN

RIVERDALE, N.J. (WISH) – An officer sprinting to save a man from falling to his death was caught on video.

Officials in New Jersey said they received a phone call Monday morning around 11:30 that a man was crying and pacing on route 287 in Riverdale.

Sergeant Greg Bogert and his partner were sent to the scene. Bogert said when they arrived he rolled down his window so he didn’t scare the guy. He said when he saw the man’s eyes look toward the bridge, he knew the man was going to try and jump.

“I knew right then and there that he was going to make a run for it,” Sgt. Greg Bogert, Riverdale Police Dept.

Bogert tackled the man, saving his life. The man is now alive, and so are the drivers below the bridge who could have crashed if the man had jumped.

“Sometimes we get there afterwards which is devastating. This situation is rare. Where we are actually there, they are trying to do it and we’re trying to stop them. But thank god he’s safe and no one else was effected by this,”¬†Bogert said.

The distraught man was taken to a hospital in the area for treatment.

CNN contributed to this report.

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