Let’s Play! Adult Recess fundraiser for Boys & Girls Clubs of Indy

c Bring out the “kid” in you with the Boys and Girls Club Indianapolis! It’s getting ready to open a brand new Finish Line Boys & Girls Club at 38th & Post Road at the end of April, and as part of the opening festivities, they are having an Adult Recess Fundraiser! The fun begins Friday, April 29th & Community Open House on Saturday, April 30th, and guests get to play dodgeball or one of the many games in the activity room. They’re also having robotics races and learn to be a DJ/Spin class, among other fun activities!

Rick Whitten, Executive Director, Boys & Girls Clubs of Indianapolis, explains, while Tracy shoots some hoops!


-The Boys & Girls Clubs of Indianapolis is hosting a weekend of events to celebrate the brand new Finish Line Boys & Girls Club located at 38th & Post Rd on the far eastside
-This is the first new club FACILITY in 20 years here in the city
-$4.5M, 22,000-sq-ft state-of-the-art facility will serve Far Eastside youth ages 5-18. It will include a full-size gym, exercise room, learning center, computer lab, game room, art room, kitchen and cafeteria.
-The club was made possible in part by a major gift of $1.25M from The Finish Line
-Finish Line is headquartered just around the corner from the new club. They are committed to looking for ways to lift up this eastside community and solve some of the challenges – This was a perfect fit as it can also become a fun place for their employees to volunteer and the club can serve some of their employees who live and work nearby.

a-The location of this new club facility is going to provide many opportunities and things for kids to do that wasn’t previously available in that area of the community
-Summer programming is available at the new facility which includes 2 meals/day for the kids through a partnership with Second Helpings
-This weekend there are a couple of fun events for people to get a sneak peak of the new club:
-Friday night is the Adult Recess fundraiser. This is an adults-only party. Guests are encouraged to dress casually. Adults can mingle and play lots of fun games like trivia, ping pong, dodgeball, shoot hoops etc.. Fishers teen sensation Matthew “The Stinger” Webber will be there performing trick billiard shot, adults can learn dances from the Fever Inferno.
-Verizon Indycar driver Charlie Kimball will also be in attendance
-Complimentary food and beverage
-Tickets to this event are $125. The money raised will fund Power Hour, an after school academic assistance program for 800+ kids at Finish Line Boys & Girls Club and four other clubs in Indy.
-Saturday is the Community Day Open House from 11-2pm. This is a FREE event that will include tours, fun kids activities like face painting, balloon animals & a cookie bar. Families can also learn about programming and sign their kids up for summer camp at this event.
-The club will officially open to the public on June 13th for Summer Camp

bFor more information, visit:

Website: www.bgcindy.org

Twitter: @bgcindy, @FinishlineNews

Facebook: www.facebook.com/bgcindy

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