Sanders brings his ‘political revolution’ to Purdue

(WISH Photo)

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WISH) — Speaking to young people, his base of supporters, Sen. Bernie Sanders rallied for support at Purdue University.

“We are in this campaign to win and become the democratic nominee,” said Sen. Sanders.

The crowd at the Cordova Recreation Center was at capacity and energetic, but some also needed a pick-me-up after recent losses, including only taking one out of five primaries Tuesday night.

“Especially with the recent win in New York for Hillary, I feel like a little bit of Bernie supporters are down, and I want to feel like we’re strong in Indiana,” said Ashley Stevens in explaining her decision to go to the rally.

“In this great country, we can do a lot better. Its about having a political revolution,” said Sen. Sanders.

He spoke for over an hour, rallying against income inequality and so-called corporate greed. But he also called for health care reform, criminal justice reform and in front of a crowd of college students: free tuition

“When we look at public education today, you’ve got to get out of the thinking that says first grade through twelfth grade. That was great 50 years ago. When we talk about public education today that must mean making public colleges and universities tuition-free,” said Sen. Sanders to thunderous applause.

“He did a good job at seeing what people’s needs are, and what it is we’re looking for,” said Stephen Cass,” a Purdue student and Sanders supporter.

“I think we need a serious change and I think Bernie can deliver that change,” said Phillip Gondlach, another Sanders supporter.

Sanders also brought up Carrier’s decision to move 2,100 jobs to Mexico, a decision he said was born out of corporate greed.

“I say to corporate America, to Carrier, to all these large corporations, if you want us to purchase your products start manufacturing them in Indiana, Vermont, and in America. Not in China, and not in Mexico,” said Sen. Sanders.

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