Chef Wendell: Improve your eating habits

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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Eating healthier is not about depriving yourself of foods you love. It’s about feeling alive, having more energy, and clear thinking, improving self-esteem and mood. If you’re overwhelmed by all the conflicting nutrition and diet advice out there, you’re not alone.

Here’s a healthy recipe to you started on the right track.

Borracho Beans & Grits
From: Eat Right Now with Chef Wendell: The End of Overeating, Lulu Press

1 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil
onion, chopped
1 celery, chopped
green. pepper, chopped
1 cup frozen or fresh corn
1 jalapeno, chopped
1 tbsp. ea. chili, cumin, cinnamon powder (chipotle powder would be good too)
1 tomato chopped
2 cans black beans or pinto, drained
1/8 tsp. liquid smoke
tempeh, crumbled
1 cup ‘real’ beer (not a light beer please!)
1 cup fresh cilantro, chopped
Wash veggies to remove pesticides and field dirt. Chop them per recipe instructions.                                                                                                                                                                   Open beans and drain them of murky liquid.
In a large soup pot over medium (not high) heat, add the olive oil and spices then saute garlic and tempeh crumbles for one minute.
Now add the veggies, of the cilantro, and jalapeno; stir frequently. Leave some crunch.
Add the beer, drained beans and liquid smoke; blend; adjust salt and pepper.
Simmer only 2-3 minutes.” Serve garnished with chopped cilantro over a bed of creamy grits.

1 cup regular grits
3 cups water
Himalayan salt and black pepper
Handful of spinach leaves

Bring 3 cups water and 2 tsp. salt to a boil in a large heavy saucepan over high. Whisk in grits, and cook, whisking constantly, 45 seconds, scraping bottom and sides as needed.                                 Add spinach leaves.
Cover and reduce heat to medium-low. Cook grits until tender, 12-15 minutes. Stir frequently.
For a looser texture, whisk in 2 to 4 tablespoons water halfway through cooking.
Add grated cheese if you wish.

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