Hancock County sees slew of problems on ballots

Voters head to the Indianapolis City County Building to cast their ballot.

HANCOCK COUNTY, Ind. (WISH) – Hancock County Election Board says due to an error in the data provided by the software vendor, some ballots at the Ninestar Vote Center may have not included the County Commissioner Races.

According to a release, the election board was notified approximately 10:06 Tuesday morning about the issue. The issue was addressed approximately at 10:26 a.m.

The issue went unnoticed for four hours, after 2,012 people already voted, according to 24-Hour News 8’s partners at the Greenfield Daily Journal.

Issues created a domino effect on the races listed below the commissioner race. Those races below were printed in the wrong spots. Those votes will have to be recounted. Board members will have to manually fill in 2,012 ballots to correct the issue.

The Election Board said any voter in the Ninestar voting location at that time or thereafter was issued a correct ballot. They said they spoke with the State of Indiana Election Division and informed them of the possible issue regarding the ballots.

The State Election Division said “there is no legal authority for taking any further action at this time.”

Several other voting issues caused problems. A software update to the software failed to load and caused several sites to open late on Tuesday. Also, hardware problems at the courthouse annex, where votes are tallied, temporarily brought processing ballots to a halt, board members said.

Officials say that they’ve experienced problems, but never of this magnitude.

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