Mother carjacked at gunpoint while holding baby boy

BEECH GROVE, Ind. (WISH) – Police say a mother was carjacked a gunpoint while holding her baby boy in her arms.

It happened around 9 p.m. Tuesday in the 4300 block of Malden Lane.

A day later, the 20-year-old mother who asked we hide her identity was still visibly shaken as we talked with her about the incident. That’s on top of the hassle of simply not having a car to get where she needs to go.

She’s scared because inside her car was personal information about her and her son. “Where I worked, my name, my picture, my son’s name, where my son goes to the doctor,” she listed.

The mother said she was getting out of her car with her son in hand when she said a boy who looked no older than 14-years-old walked up to her. She said he started asking for directions to a nearby street.

“I started giving the directions and he said ‘hand me your keys’ and I said what and he pulled out the gun and he cocked it and he said ‘give me your keys now’,” she said. After giving the suspect the keys, she said he told her to run away. “I just couldn’t believe it being approached like that with my child in my hand, it was just so scary.”

Not just for her, but for her neighbors. She said the suspect struggled to pull the car out the parking spot, bumping and scratching three other cars as he tried to escape.

“After he hit us he moved forward and hit a car over here,” said Pat Koch whose rear bumper was hit.

“I jumped up and I stood right here and I told him to stop,” added neighbor Partson Chinyadza who happened to be outside when it happened. He said he had no idea the suspect was armed or that a carjacking had just taken place. He was just worried his car would get hit next.

“To think that this person had a gun on them or that they were actively stealing a car, it just kind of shakes you up a little bit because you’re like ‘oh this could have happened to me if I had just came five minutes earlier than that’,” said Chinyadza.

“I hope they catch him and I hope he gets locked up,” said Koch.

The mother involved couldn’t agree more. But she also wants her car back and hopefully her peace of mind.

“I got all new locks, all new keys, everything like that,” she said. “So that does make me feel better but I mean, I’m still scared.”

Police described the suspect as a young black male, 13-16 years old. He was last seen wearing a black Adidas hoodie.

The victim’s car is a maroon 2003 Chevy Impala with Indiana plates reading XGI157. Anyone with information can call the Beech Grove Police Dept. tip line at 317-782-4950.

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