Salesforce announces partnership, IN asks for new judge in case against IBM

(WISH Photo, file)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Salesforce is announcing a big partnership with Amazon, Indiana is asking for a new judge in the case against IBM.

According to the WSJ, Salesforce will build some parts of its upcoming internet of things cloud software on Amazon’s service.

Salesforce’s IOT cloud collects data from connected devices and gives recommended actions to sales and customer-service representatives.

This announcement follows another big one the company made last about a big expansion in Indiana, including renaming the Chase Tower in Indianapolis.

In other business news, Indiana is asking for a new judge after no damages was awarded in case against IBM.

The state is suing IBM over the company’s failed effort to privatize state welfare services.

The Indiana supreme court ruled in March that IBM had reached it’s $1.3 billion contract to automate much of Indiana’s welfare system. The high court directed the trial court judge to determine what damages IBM owed the state.

The judge said the state didn’t prove damages.

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