Hogsett announces launch of ‘OpenIndy’

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Mayor Joe Hogsett announced the launch of “OpenIndy.”

OpenIndy is an open data portal for contracts, ethics filings, campaign finance reports, crime statistics, budgets, and other public documentation.

“Citizens of Indianapolis have a right to know how their officials are conducting city business,” said Mayor Hogsett. “The new OpenIndy portal will allow residents to explore municipal data and gain insight into how our city is spending money, making deals, addressing challenges facing the community, and more. In a world of increased connectivity, local government should be taking every opportunity to increase participation, collaboration and transparency with the residents of Indianapolis.”

The city said it’s also working with local advocates for public data and open source technology as partners and advisers in the development of OpenIndy.

“The creation of this portal represents a new era of government transparency and civic engagement in Indianapolis,” said Matt Kirby, co-founder of the Open Indy Brigade. “Making public data easily accessible to anyone in a single location and in a format that is truly usable, opens a world of possibilities for community organizations, researchers, and private enterprise.”


Click here to access the OpenIndy portal.

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