65-year-old woman shaken after home invasion, car theft

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH)—Police are looking for three teenage suspects after a 65-year-old woman reported that she was attacked in her own home and someone stole her car Tuesday night.

The woman lives on the northwest side near 71st Street and Rodebaugh Rd.

Sharon Lee Muscatel said a teenage boy and a teenage girl approached her in her yard and asked to use her bathroom. She said no.

According to Muscatel, the boy pushed her down and the girl opened the door to her home.

Muscatel said the boy was holding a gun and some pepper spray. She said he sprayed her, so she closed her eyes and covered her face.

The girl then let another male in the house and he put a gun to the back of Muscatel’s head, she said.

“I thought I was going to die,” Muscatel said. “I basically stayed on the ground and prayed for my life and kept saying, please don’t kill me. They kept saying, give me your money.”

Muscatel said they took off with her purse, credit card and some designer bags.

After the suspects left, Muscatel said she checked her garage and realized they stole her tan 1998 Mercedes-Benz. The keys were in the car.

“I’ve been up all night shaking,” she said. “I’m still shaking. I’m still emotional. I just hope this doesn’t happen to anybody else.”

Muscatel told police she recognized the suspects from the neighborhood. She believes she was deliberately targeted.

“I hope they never come back because, if they do, I will definitely defend myself,” she said.

Muscatel said she cancelled her credit card, but not before the thieves used it at a Dairy Queen and an Indianapolis gas station, where they bought cigarette paper.

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