Indy 500 needs a ‘passionate following’ again

(File photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Two American flags have reappeared on the front row of the grid for this year’s Indianapolis 500.

It’s a welcome sight that WISH-TV’s race analyst, Derek Daly, has missed.

“In years past, the grid was full of American flags and American national heroes. And as they got washed out and replaced by flags from other countries, the interest seemed to go with it.”

Daly says national interest died with the replacement of the flags. National pride is what drives events like the Indy 500, he says.

“What if a driver from Nazereth, Pennsylvania was to win the 100th running of the Indy 500? What about if he came from Nashville, Tennessee? Or Noblesville, Indiana? I promise you, they would generate a national story and headlines at a greater level than if any other flag of another country won the race.”

Daly says he hopes the flags will increase the national pride in the Indianapolis 500.

“Let’s get national pride and America back into the Indy 500. That’s the only thing that I believe will build this passionate following again for this great race.”

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