Indy 500 sellout brings big parking business to nearby homeowners

With an Indy 500 sellout, homeowners nearby are ready for the big parking business. (WISH photo)

SPEEDWAY, Ind. (WISH) – With a sellout crowd expected, homeowners near the Indianapolis Motor Speedway are ready for big parking business. But for some, it’s more than turning a profit.

This is especially true at a yard on Falcon Drive. A spot not only decked with decorations, but personalized bumper stickers.

“Parked, pottied and partied at Jeff’s on Falcon Drive for the Indy 500,” Jeff Cox said.

The phrase was created by Cox, who isn’t shy to tell you who he is. “I’m Jeff Cox, former governor of the snake pit,” Cox said.

Don’t believe him? He’s got the tattoo to prove it. “It’s on here somewhere,” said Cox. “The governor of the snake pit. I think it’s on there, isn’t it?”

A title he earned during his time inside IMS. Memories he keeps inside these photo books. “You’re talking about some mega partying,” Cox said.

The self-named, "Governor of the Snake Pit," poses with WISH-TV's Nick Natario, as he prepares for big Indy 500 parking business. (WISH photo/Nick Natario)
The self-named, “Governor of the Snake Pit,” poses with WISH-TV’s Nick Natario, as he prepares for big Indy 500 parking business. (WISH photo/Nick Natario)

Nowadays, he takes the party outside IMS. He bought this home, looking for a spot where he could put his friends.

But the proximity has allowed him to start charging, and he’s got quite the operation. “I’m getting ready to cut the grass over here,” Cox said. “I just got done washing the windows over here. It’s like a never ending ordeal.”

Worth it, he says, because he rakes in hundreds of dollars. “I’m looking at $1500,” Cox said.

Cox has some advice if you plan to park on the side streets. After you get out of the car, take not only a photo of the house, but the nearest street sign. This way, you’ll be able to find your spot.

Cox said get here early Sunday, or you may have to walk quite a distance. It’s worth it though, because the former governor knows how much fun this weekend can be.

“Once in a 100 years I guess,” Cox said. “I won’t be here for the next one, but I’ll definitely be here for this one.”

What time should you get to the area Sunday? Cox said the spots will fill by eight in the morning.

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