New restaurant in Speedway opens ahead of 100th Indy 500

You can bet the seats at Big Woods Speedway will be PACKED come race day! Executive Chef Josh Brownell gives us the smells and tastes of the new restaurant and what we can expect, come this weekend!


– Big Woods backstory: original brewpub opened in 2009 in Nashville, Ind. (Brown County) from a vision from the owners, Jeff McCabe, Ed Ryan and Tim O’Bryan. They wanted to create a place that they could put Tim’s self-brewed beers to the public test and a place that they could hang out.


– With our Restaurants and Beers, we are “Crafting an Indiana Tradition”.

– Big Woods Speedway has 38 varieties of beer on tap, featuring 12 QuaffON! Brewing Beers. Their best sellers are Six Foot Blonde ale and the Busted Knuckle porter.

– The menu has something for everyone. It is the best of their other three restaurants, starting with the Big Woods Famous Pulled Pork Nachos. Burgers and Sandwiches with Speedway flare, such as the Victory Burger and the 10th & Main Club. The Street Style Tacos are a hit and packed with flavor. All of the meats are smoked, and you can try them all with the Mixed Grill Dinner. All parts of the menu stand on their own. The Bag of Donuts and Common Necessity Float are both perfect ways to wind down your dinner.

From the day it opened, Big Woods Brewing enjoyed remarkable support from locals, tourists and far-flung craft beer lovers. As demand for the beer, the food and the unique experience grew, so did Big Woods’ footprint in Nashville. In 2011, in an effort to meet demand for more beer and to create a family-friendly experience, the Tucker Building became the home of Big Woods’ second brewery and Big Woods Pizza Company.


Why the name Quaff ON!? Because “quaff” means “to drink heartily and with gusto” – and, it captures an idea that goes beyond beer and speaks to a life lived fully! And that’s the common element that binds all the great folks at Big Woods and Quaff ON! who put their hearts and their talents into creating a unique experience for you.

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– Big Woods Speedway on Facebook, @BWSpeedway on Twitter and Instagram. @QUAFFONBrewing on Twitter and Instagram.

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