Docs: Suspect in Macy’s store robbery used ax to steal 150K in jewelry

(photo courtesy: IMPD)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – IMPD arrested a man who was in possession of jewelry from a recent robbery at the Glendale Mall Macy’s.

According to documents, police arrested David Weaver for possession of marijuana and theft.

IMPD said they were sent to the Macy’s on May 3 around 5:10 p.m. after reports of shots were fired.

David Weaver (Provided Photo/IMPD)
David Weaver (Provided Photo/IMPD)

Witnesses told police their were two suspects involved and one had an ax in their hand and the other was holding a brown paper bag. They said the suspects walked over to the jewelry counters, swung the ax shattering the glass, then took the jewelry. Witnesses said the sound of the ax breaking the jewelry counters sounded like gun shots.

They said both suspects then fled the store taking a large amount of jewelry, then entered a red Chevy vehicle and fled the scene.

The vehicle was later found around 5:26 p.m. in the 2800 block of East 62nd Street.

Police later determined the suspects went to Lynn’s Auto Sales located at 1200 block of West 16th Street and used a victim’s personal information from a death investigation to test drive the red Chevy vehicle.

Employees told police someone came back to the Auto Car Lot and took a green 1999 to 2001 Ford F150, which was left by the suspects when they test drove the Chevy.

IMPD met with a loss prevention investigator for the Midwest region of Macy’s and was told that over $150,000 worth of diamond rings, necklaces, tennis bracelets and earrings were stolen during the theft.

According to the court documents, officers said they received two anonymous tips that Weaver, who worked at Caito food plant, was bragging about robbing Macy’s and flashing cash he said came from the robbery. Police were told he was trying to sell rings and earrings to other employees he worked with.

Police said they met with a witness who said they work with Weaver and was asked by him if he wanted to buy any of the jewelry. The witness said Weaver then sent him two pictures that showed numerous rings and earrings on a coffee table. The witness show police the picture texts came from a “David Weaver” saved in their phone.

Nicole Kight (Provided Photo/IMPD)
Nicole Kight (Provided Photo/IMPD)

The witness said he did not purchase any of the items and never asked Weaver where he got the jewelry.

Police said they met with another witness who said he works with Weaver and was asked if he wanted to buy some diamond earrings or rings. The witness said Weaver had been walking around the plant saying, “I’m the man.”

The rumors around the plant were Weaver had been involved in the Macy’s theft. The witness said at one point, Weaver was showing everyone on his phone the video of the Macy’s theft from a local news channel, court documents said. The witness said when people asked Weaver if he had been involved in the Macy’s robbery he never denied it.

Police said during the interview with one of the witnesses, they went to Weaver’s apartment and as they knocked on the door they smelled burnt marijuana. After several minutes, Weaver answered the door and police said they smelled an even stronger odor of fresh and burnt marijuana.

Police said they secured the apartment with Weaver and his girlfriend Nicole Kight inside it.

A search warrant for the marijuana and the stolen jewelry was served on May 20.

During the search, police found numerous marijuana pipes, marijuana, burnt ends of marijuana cigarettes, three rings that were seen in the pictures that were confirmed to be stolen and they found the rings hidden in a purple bag under clothes in Weaver’s bedroom. The rings were photographed and returned to Macy’s.

Officers took pictures of the coffee table and ashtray that matched the coffee table and ashtray in pictures shown by one of the witnesses. A blue hoodie was also found in his apartment that matches the hoodie the taller person in the Macy’s video was wearing.

Weaver and Kight were transported to the police station for questioning.

Polices said Weaver admitted the marijuana was his and that he smoked a lot of weed. He also told police several weeks ago, a guy whose name he refused to share, came over to his house with a whole bag of jewelry and asked him to try and sell it. He said he tried to sell it but no one would buy it so he gave it back to the person who gave it to him. He said he kept three pieces of the jewelry which included a women’s diamond engagement ring and two diamond men’s ring.

Police asked Weaver if he knew the jewelry was stolen.

“Well I didn’t ask but I did think it was shady,” Weaver told police.

Weaver was arrested for theft and possession of marijuana and is accused of stealing jewelry.

Kight faces one count for possession of marijuana.

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