Local business announces increased wages and impact on community

Who wants to get paid more?! The crew at Unique Home Solutions is increasing pay rates for new and existing employees for entry and mid-level positions by 20-40%! President Bob Dillon and Home Safety Division Coordinator Penny Stamps chat with Tracy about the impact Unique Home Solutions has on the state and local community.

Here is a Q and A session from Bob and Penny!

Q. Why would you do this? How can you do this?
Bob: A. We want to retain our excellent current employees and bring in future employees who are looking to enter into a career and not just a job. We have been a leader in the home remodeling business for over 30 years…and we want to give back to our community who has supported us. When you can own part of the company you work for, you’re always going to be more motivated for success. The reason that we’ve kept winning for over 30 years in a very competitive business is that we keep our promises to our customers and employees

Q. How does this affect the economic growth in the community?
Bob: A. This provides jobs in the community, taxes are being paid, and money is being spent at local stores putting revenue back into where we live. And, more importantly, it’s the right thing to do to give American workers who work hard a chance to start at the middle of the ladder, instead of the bottom. We’ve always had American-made products. I know our business model of having our own employees works, because Unique has been in business 6 times longer than the average home remodeling company.

Q. What positions do you have available?
Penny: A. We are restructuring our hiring processes and are offering new positions in each department…entry and mid-level, Marketing Department and offering great benefits and continued training. Our Event Marketing, Sales, SSR, NRT, Handyman and Installer departments all have available positions.

Q. Why do you think employees like working for UHS?
Bob: A. First off, we are an American Business offering American products which our customers appreciate as well, we are an employee owned company, and we value our employees…we offer 401K, insurance and have an ESOP. Check out some of our employee testimonials.

Q. You have received several awards….
Bob: A. We were just named a top 5 Finalist on the Indy A-List. We definitely want to thank everyone who voted. It is so wonderful to have the support of our community… We have also received several Guild Quality Awards. We love hearing customer testimonials.
Q. If someone is looking for home improvements or a new career, what do they need to do?
Penny : A. We want to encourage our community to give us a call for a free in-home visit for home improvements and take advantage of our great monthly offer but for those who are out of work or just looking for a change, to go on to our website or stop by our office. We are hiring now, so give us a call today and get started in a new career and grow with us!


Employee testimonials:

I love working at Unique Home Solutions because it feels like working with family! We are employee owned and it makes a difference how [we] push each other and treat each other! – L.ee

I enjoy working here at Unique because everyone is like a family, I love working with the people that we have here!! – Shannon

I enjoy the fast pace environment, and the opportunities to move up within the company. – Tara

I enjoy working at Unique because I have opportunity to help people and make a difference. – Steve

I’m in a position to help many people every day. Because we are an ESOP, I am surrounded by people that care. – Chuck

I feel I have had a successful career ahead of me and UHS has provided me with the tools to be successful , offers great benefits, provides a bright future for working hard and a great retirement plan. – Penny

Unique Home Solutions has done more than just provide a steady, secure, worthwhile job. It has provided a family that I love to visit each and every day. Unique Home Solutions has given me a great purpose… I gain more knowledge than the day before to grow myself personally and professionally. I do enjoy my career… it’s not just a job, it’s my “Unique” career, my “Unique” life. – Kelli

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