President Obama speaks in Elkhart on Wednesday

ELKHART, Ind. (WISH) —   President Obama was in Elkhart on Wednesday, returning to the first city he visited after becoming President.

The White House said President Obama talked about how he believes Elkhart and the country have improved since he took office.

When President Obama first visited Elkhart back in 2009, he promised the city he would work to help it recover from the recession and outlined his plan for a national recovery. Wednesday, he’ll returned to Concord Community High School, the same place he visited seven years ago.

“During his visit to Elkhart, Indiana, back in 2009, President Obama promised that if we worked together, we could pull that community and this country out of the depths of recession and put ourselves on a better, stronger course. More than seven years after that visit, and despite near-unanimous obstruction from Republicans in Congress, that’s exactly what we’ve done,” said White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest.

Most of the audience at the high school was made up of students, faculty and graduating seniors.

The President also participated in a town hall at a local theater.

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