IMPD holds community policing event near recent shooting scene

IMPD officers and Rev. Harrison walk the streets near a recent shooting. (WISH Photo/Kevin Ratermann)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Police officers took to the streets of Indianapolis again to meet the members of the community they serve.

It’s part of an initiative called “community policing” which launched last month. On Thursday morning, officers walked in the area of 29th Street and Martin Luther King Junior Street. That’s close to where a shooting took place Wednesday on Eugene Street.

Authorities say they want to let people know the department is looking after them.

“Our hope is to give them the comfort to know that they can come to us as well as use other resources like crime stoppers and share information because it’s really necessary that we have that relationship. That partnership is huge.”

Police also said they are implementing new strategies to combat crime in the city.

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