Video: 1,000 pallets, 2 semis involved in large Vigo County blaze

(WTHI Photo)

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (WTHI) – Wood pallets and two semis were involved in a Vigo County fire Thursday evening.

It happened just north of N. 13th Street and E. Haythorne Avenue around 5:30 p.m.

Otter Creek Fire Department Deputy Chief told WTHI that it was 1,000 pallets involved in the fire and that if they would not have been able to control it an estimated 2,000 pallets would have been involved. He said one of the biggest challenges was trying to get water to the scene since there are no hydrants in the county. One of their main sources came from Great Dane.

“Out here in the county we don’t have hydrants every block like there is in the city. So we have to shuttle water in,” explained Bryan Mount, Otter Creek Deputy Chief. “We did have hydrants over at Great Dane across the street and we have them a mile down the road. But getting the water shuttled in is the main hurdle to get past.”

Viewers said smoke from this fire could be seen all the way to the south side of Terre Haute and even into Illinois.

Fire crews spent time working on hot spots at the scene, but the main fire had been put out before 7 p.m. Deputy Chief also said that there were two semis involved in the fire.

Officials have not said what caused the fire.

Traffic was an issues as police had to shut down N. 13th Street near Park Avenue, but all roads are back open.

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