New online ads target Gregg

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The negative ads started on television Monday.

Now there are online ads to match, along with social media posts and it’s no sneak attack.

The Republican Governor’s Association put out a new release Wednesday informing everyone that it is spending over a $100,000 on John Gregg attacks that will interrupt you when you’re on the computer.

The RGA has established a Facebook page to go along with a twitter account called “The Real John Gregg.” They give Republican interpretations of various events in Gregg’s career.

There is also a website and there will be digital ads. They don’t come directly from the Pence campaign but a Gregg campaign spokesman says it a coordinated effort.

“He has no other alternative than to try to run down John Gregg because he can’t defend his own record of failed leadership,” said Jeff Harris.

“We’ll be countering it,” he said. “Our fundraising numbers are keeping pace with his despite all these bailouts he’s been getting from national groups.”

Democrats want to make make a big deal out of the fact that Pence once swore off negative advertising and that he is clearly giving the go-ahead to this effort.

The governor, however, sent signals a year ago that he would run this campaign differently and that he understands his re-election may depend on a willingness to play rough.

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