Tire recycling event hopes to reduce mosquitoes in Marion County

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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A recycling event is hoping to reduce Marion County’s mosquito population. Residents can drop off unused tires on Saturday at several auto locations around Indianapolis.

The health department said old tires left outside can collect water over time, becoming a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Geoff Morris is the general manager of Mosquito Shield. He said he’s been busy responding to calls for treatment.

“We do our best so people come out and they can enjoy their yards and pools or whatever they have to be outside, and enjoy the yard and not have to worry too much about mosquitoes,” he said.

Morris said homeowners have concerns about viruses as the season progresses.

“A lot of people still have that concern of West Nile or Zika or any type of diseases,” he said. “Some people just want to protect their kids, you know, they’re getting eaten alive when they’re outside playing.”

There are some basic things you could do to protect your home from mosquitoes. Morris said you can start by getting rid of standing water in your yard.

“Dump those tires out, dump the wheel barrels out, any toy buckets,” he said. “It could be an upside down trash can lid and it’s got some water in it and next thing you know it’s a mosquito breeding ground.”

Meanwhile, on the south side of Indianapolis, employees at Meineke on Madison are preparing for Tire Recycle Day. Zach Dean is the manager.

“Last year we had a pretty good turnout for it,” Dean said. “You know, it’s a good promotion the city runs so we really enjoy being part of it.”

For one day only on Saturday, people can get rid of their unused tires for free at eight different locations in Indianapolis. Dean said the response was overwhelming last year.

“We’ve had some people that have shown up with trailers of tires trying to get rid of some things like that,” he said.

The even runs from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Participating Meineke Care Care Centers in Indianapolis

4101 N. Keystone Ave.

5323 W. 38th St.

6401 E. 82nd St.


8410 E. Washington St.

7352 Pendleton Pike


7290 W. Washington St.


3150 S. Madison Ave.

4905 S. Emerson Ave.

Marion County Public Health Department
Mosquito Control
4001 E. 21st St.

Southeast Community Organization (SECO)          
1925 Fletcher Ave.

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