Study: Disney princesses could affect young girls’ behavior negatively

Items in the Disney Princess collection are on display at the Licensing 2002 International show at New York's Javits Convention Center, Tuesday June 11, 2002. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

UTAH (WISH) – A warning from researchers for parents of preschoolers.

According to a new study from researchers at Brigham Young University in Utah, Disney princesses could affect young girls’ behaviors negatively.

Researchers studied 198 kids for more than a year.

They said 96 percent of girls and 87 percent of boys had already been exposed to Disney princesses.

The study found that high amounts of engagement with the Disney princesses culture can lead to gender-stereotypical behavior, holding girls back.

The lead researcher said girls ages three to four are at higher risk of believing they cannot do some things, like math, science or even getting dirty.

Researchers said the key is not blocking Disney out, but moderating how much of it kids watch.

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