Texas news anchor honored as longest TV broadcaster

Texas news anchor honored for longest tv news broadcaster. (Provided Photo/KTRK)

HOUSTON, TX (WISH) – A news anchor in Texas has been honored for a record-breaking career.

Dave Ward has worked as an anchorman for the past five decades, and has working the longest career as a television news broadcaster.

Ward first started working at KTRK November 6, 1966.

“When I got a chance to move to Houston it was like moving back home. I love this city, I love the people in it. Its a big city but it has a very neighborhood feel to it, and there’s just no place else I’d rather be,” Ward said.

Ward was promoted in 1967 as an anchor for the morning newscast at seven and host of dialing for dollars. By 1968 he became anchor of the evening newscast at six and ten.

“It just makes me feel old and very fortunate to be able to stay in this business with one television station anchoring newscasts, you know this business is very demanding and if the people –if the viewers don’t tune into your program, you’re not going to be on the air very long,” Ward said.

One of his favorite stories he has covered was of the space program in Houston.

“One of the reasons I did want to move here to Houston was to be part of the space program to cover it and I’ve been fortunate to go to a number of launches down there at the cape from the Gemini program through Apollo through shuttle and its exciting to cover that to see what men can do,” Ward said.

CNN contributed to this report.

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