Shelby, Rush Counties saw major damage from storm

Tree on front porch after storm at Gwynsville on SR 52. (WISH Photo/Jessica Smith)

SHELBY, RUSH COUNTY, Ind. (WISH) – Shelby and Rush Counties saw some major storm damage.

The city of Rushville worked Thursday on cleaning up all of the trees that fell down in the storms overnight.

In Rushville, 24-Hour News 8 saw trees crash through homes, crush cars and take down dozens of power lines.

Richard Buttery, a Rushville resident, said he heard the storm first and then saw the damage it left behind.

“I looked out my kitchen window and seen that,” Buttery said.

A tree fell on top of his Cadillac, just a few feet away from his home.

More than 30 trees fell, crushing at least six cars.

Police officers started cutting down trees in the area because they said there wasn’t enough city workers to go around.

The crew members working said they barley had time to check on their own homes.

Residents in Gwynsville also experienced storm damage. A giant tree took out the front porch of a home but missed the main part of the home where the family was asleep.

Police said everyone was lucky and no one was hurt in the storm.

Even though Buttery’s home made it untouched, he said he’s ready to move on.

“I’m gonna get rid of it. No trees. I don’t even want flowers. I’m afraid they’d grow too tall and fall on my house,” Buttery said.

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