More than politics: Mayors take part in firefighter training

(WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — While hundreds of Mayors are in town for a national conference, they will receive training on all sorts of topics. But one thing they might not except is a look into the training firefighters go through.

The International Association of Firefighters is showing some Mayors what it takes to be a firefighter. 24-Hour News 8 got an inside look at the training.

Palm Bay Florida Mayor, William Capote tested out some of the training equipment during the half day demonstration downtown. It’s called the Fire Ground Survival program.

“This is not easy and you have to be physically fit and mentally tough,” Capote said.

He had to climb through a home rescue scenario, in the dark and breathing through a mask.

The event gives about a dozen visiting mayors the opportunity to try a series of intense and authentic firefighting and rescue drills.

Learning by experience has it’s benefits, but Mayor Capote says he’ll keep his day job.

“I’ll stick with my politics, (the firefighters) are younger than me,” Capote said. “If you would have asked me that at 25, no problem.”

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