Colts Bob Lamey talks special, touching moments throughout career

Dick Wolfsie talks to Colts play-by-play announcer Bob Lamey on June 26, 2016. (WISH photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Anyone who has been an Indianapolis Colts fan for any amount of time is familiar with their play-by-play announcer Bob Lamey.

Dick Wolfsie stopped by Metro Diner and talked to the voice of the Colts, Bob Lamey.

Some of the topics of the discussion include his favorite radio broadcaster, the mechanics of calling a football game on the radio, and how he knows whether he’s done a good job or not calling a game.

He also talks about the biggest compliment he’s ever received and shares touching stories of meeting some big Colts fans.

To hear more from the Colts play-by-play announcer, click on the videos.


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