We twist it up with Ben’s Soft Pretzels

This is no ordinary pretzel! Chuck Damler, Owner of Ben’s Soft Pretzels, “twists” things up this morning in our Indy Style kitchen, all in preparation for his grand-opening celebration in Brownsburg! The big day takes place TODAY, Monday, July 11 in the Brownsburg Wal-Mart at 400 W Northfield Drive.

pretzThe celebration will be taking place from 4 p.m. until 8 p.m. on July 11 and will offer $1 jumbo soft pretzels to new customers.

Did you know? (Pretzel Fun Facts)

– In Germany, before children hunted for Easter eggs, they searched for Easter pretzels!
– The pretzel was invented in 610 AD by monks in Northern Italy. The pretzel twist was inspired by the shape of the monks’ praying arms.
– The wedding term “tying the knot” originates from the 1614 Swiss pretzel loop that symbolized love.

To learn more, visit www.benspretzels.com.

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