Westfield prepares for Trump days before event center officially opens

(WISH Photo)

WESTFIELD, Ind (WISH) — An all hands on deck approach took place Monday in Westfield, as the city prepares to host Donald Trump in a venue that isn’t supposed to open until next week.

The event center opens next week. This means crews not only had to rush to fill space, but officers had to finalize a safety plan.

“I don’t know who I’m going to vote for yet, but I think it’s exciting that he’s here and putting Westfield on the map,” Westfield resident Sandy Kirsch said.

Trump’s team will bring FBI and Secret Service, but the city will police the rest.

“Right now, we have a rate to book the facility, which was paid for this event, but what isn’t right now calculated in is this amount of security,” Westfield communications director Erin Murphy said. “So this is something the city will have to look at.”

The venue’s three indoor fields can be rented for $1,455 an hour and hold 45,000 people.

The event center was originally built for soccer, but with the Trump rally, the city hopes it’s an indicator this venue can play host to more than just sports.

“Politics aside, it draws the attention worldwide, and this just shows was Grand Park is capable of and what this facility is capable of days before it is officially open,” Murphy said.

The center will officially open July 22. The Trump rally will take place Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. If you’re interested in going, click here for tickets.

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