Man rescued by stranger from train tracks after wheel gets stuck

(WANE Photo)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – “There was a gap about this wide and as I went off it the front wheel, went in and turned this way. And I went right out of the chair and into the railroad tracks,” Zidlick said.

That’s Richard Zidlick, aka Zebo.


On the way downtown to the Three Rivers Festival with his family, he fell out of his scooter on train tracks. His step daughter and granddaughter couldn’t pick him up. And the chair was stuck.

It gets even worse.

“I was upset because then they put on their sirens and they were starting to put the gates down and I just kind of panicked,” Angie Brothers, Zebo’s Stepdaughter, said.

The train was getting ready to head their direction.

Then a woman running by came up, picked Zebo up and got him away.

“I was just terrified because like I said we just weren’t strong enough,” Brothers said.

“She came over picked me up under my arms lift me up so I could get in the chair because the chair was still stuck in the tracks,” Zebo said.

Other people helped with the chair.

But the Good Samaritan? Nowhere to be found.

“I wanted to find out who so was but she disappeared; she was just gone,” Zebo said.

Now, the family is hoping they can find her.

“We just wanted to acknowledge her, wanted to give her a gift, say thank you. Just something for being there for us,” Brothers said.

“We’d really like to know who you were because I really think you were an angel sent from above,” Zebo said.

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