Americans getting to know Mike Pence

MANHATTAN, N.Y. (WISH) – As Indiana Governor Mike Pence gets thrust into the spotlight as Donald Trump’s vice presidential pick, some are still trying to learn who he is.

Reporters peppered Pence with questions as he walked into Trump Tower Friday. The Republican said he’s excited to become Trump’s running mate Saturday, while others want to know more about him.

“Other than being the governor of Indiana, really, I don’t,” New York resident Allen Dolobott said.

“Not a whole lot, but we will do our research,” Louisiana resident Donald Plaisance said.

That’s something presumptive GOP nominee Trump has been doing for weeks. After campaigning with Pence this week, he’s set to name him his running mate.

Rosalyn Martin isn’t surprised. The Bloomington neighbor, who’s on vacation in the Big Apple, believes Republicans will grow to like the Indiana governor.

“I know there’s been some problems in the state, some people have signs in their yards, in their neighborhoods that say, “Fire Mike,” but we don’t agree with that,” Martin said. “We think he’s great.”

Some we spoke with wished Trump went with another choice, but Martin believes Pence adds much needed stability.

“He’s not an exciting-type guy,” Martin said. “He’s a real steady rock-type guy.”

She isn’t the only Hoosier in New York City. State Representative Tom Saunders is with his wife for a conference and plans to break away to watch the VP announcement.

“We haven’t had this much excitement in Indiana since Martin Lane and Oliver P. Morton decided they were going to switch roles in the 1860s,” Saunders said.

It’s not the announcement some thought would happen in Westfield, but Saunders thinks there’s no better place.

“The media, the hype,” Saunders said. “We’re not in Indianapolis anymore.”

The announcement will take place Saturday at 11 a.m. in New York City. 24-Hour News 8 will bring you live coverage from inside

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