Church gets AC unit donated after 3 were stolen

(WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A church on the east side had three air conditioning units stolen a few weeks ago.

Since word of the theft began to spread, the church received several calls from good Samaritans wanting to help.

The church’s pastor said that with all the sad events that have happened in the last month, he’s glad to be able to share a story of kindness.

God’s Grace Community Church members are grateful for a little relief from the heat.

“We were all disappointed to hear about the units being stolen when I first told the congregation,” Pastor Steven Thompson said. “But with the response we got from the community, everybody is really excited and everybody’s thankful.”

After the news spread of three AC units being swiped from the church, the community sprang into action.

“As far as even Zionsville we’ve gotten calls,” he said. “All over the city and the suburban area saying, ‘How can we help?'”

A family who wanted to remain anonymous donated an air conditioning unit that’s already been installed and put to use.

“There were people who donated a five-ton unit that we needed on our gym that was stolen, which we were so appreciative it was brand new, still in the case,” he said.

A local HVAC company installed the units at a discount. And local welder Don Outlaw offered his services to build metal cages around the units.

“I was willing to help out, donate my labor to help get a cage built around them to protect them,” Outlaw said.

Unfortunately these days, Outlaw said it’s necessary to secure them to prevent theft.

“Usually, once they see the cage around the unit, they usually don’t bother it,” he said.

His gift of time and labor is something Thompson didn’t expect, but appreciates greatly.

“We were really grateful that we had so many people that heard the story,” Thompson said.

As for the investigation, an IMPD detective is assigned to the case of the stolen AC units.

But without surveillance footage, the pastor says no suspects have been found.

They’re now waiting to see if anyone tries to pawn the stolen units and find them that way.

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