Coats on Pence as VP: ‘It’s a great selection’

Dan Coats (WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – United State Senator Dan Coats had good things to say after Donald Trump announced that Indiana Governor Mike Pence was his pick of Vice President.

“Mike Pence is a great choice and will make an excellent vice president,” said Coats in a release.

During an interview on 24-Hour News 8 he told Jim Shella and Dave Barris that Pence is a great selection because Trump needs someone who can work with the congress and Pence knows how to do that. He also said that Pence and Trump are very different but sometimes that works and it works better.

“Governor Pence is a proven leader with both executive and legislative experience. As Indiana’s governor, he has continued our state’s remarkable economic progress and pushed for more effective, efficient government. He’s served in leadership in Congress and understands how the federal government operates. Governor Pence’s communications skills, long history as a conservative leader and Midwestern common-sense will be an asset to the Trump campaign,” Coats also said in his statement.

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