Citizens identifies cause of odor from Tuesday morning

(WISH Photo, file/Eric Halvorson)

CARMEL, Ind. (WISH) – Citizens Energy Group is responding to the calls of “odor in the air” Tuesday morning.

According to a release, Citizens said it believes the odor was caused by an industrial customer that released a chemical containing an odorant smelling similar to natural gas. They said the issue has been resolved.

Some in Hamilton County and the north side of Indianapolis smelled a gas odor Tuesday morning. Police said the smell was nothing to be alarmed about.

Fishers Fire Department originally said the gas smell originated in Marion County after the gas company released Mercaptan, which is an odor added to natural gas. FFD said that Mercaptan is not dangerous. It is added to natural gas because natural gas has no odor for detection.

Several concerned citizens called police and fire dispatch to report the issue. The Carmel Fire Department said they responded to 35 odor of gas investigations.

The gas was released at Rock Island Plant on 96th Street.

Police said there was danger and that firefighters monitored the area.

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