‘HATE COPS?’: Muncie billboard creates controversy

MUNCIE, Ind. (WISH) — An electronic billboard standing near the intersection of Wheeling and Riverside in Muncie created quite a stir.

The sign in question was visible for at least a few hours on Saturday afternoon. That sign read “HATE COPS? Then next time you need help? Call a crackhead.”

By Monday a different sign was showing up. The new sign reads “Love Respect, Support law enforcement,” two very different messages.

The Star Press reports Meghan Thomas snapped a photo of the electronic billboard after she was on a walk. She posted the picture on her Facebook account and asked for people’s opinions.

Thomas also posted the info for the sign’s operator: HOMETOWN OUTDOOR ADVERTISING, INC.

Her Facebook post was shared more than 1,000 times and created quite a stir online.

On Sunday afternoon community members in Muncie held a protest against police brutality.

There is no word on who paid for the original sign or who changed it to the new one.

Reportedly, Muncie Liquors, the store that sits underneath the billboard had nothing to do with its operation.

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