Bernie Sanders delegates stage protest at DNC

(WISH Photo)

PHILADELPHIA (WISH) — Some of Bernie Sanders delegates staged a protest at the democratic national convention Tuesday night after Hillary Clinton won the nomination.

24-Hour News 8’s political insider Jim Shella was at the convention to see how Indiana’s votes for Hillary Clinton played a role in the protests.

On Tuesday night, Bernie Sanders delegates walked out of the DNC. Many blaming the Indiana vote in the roll call as the reason why.

Bernie Sanders won Indiana. Yet more delegate votes went to Hillary Clinton because all of the Indiana super delegates are for her. Here’s how it played out beginning with a rhyme from Congressman André Carson.

“Their bigotry is tired, their attacks are uninspired, so Mike Pence and Donald Trump you are officially fired,” Carson said. “Those progressive ideas, we can merge them to support Hillary Clinton, because we cannot have a Trump presidency.”

Even so, Hillary Clinton is now the first woman to be nominated for president by a major political party. On Wednesday night, Tim Kain will give his acceptance speech as Clinton’s running mate.

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