Gubernatorial candidates attend agriculture summit

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – For the first time, the two Indiana gubernatorial candidates attended an event together Wednesday morning.

Republican Eric Holcomb and Democrat John Gregg both appeared in front of people involved in Indiana’s agriculture business. The two answered questions and talked about a race that changed when Governor Mike Pence became Donald Trump’s running mate.

Gregg said the economy and education will be two of his priorities.

“It’s about Indiana being 39th in per-capita income,” Gregg said. “It’s about Indiana having a governor that brings people together, focuses on the economy, talks about substantive issues, like higher wage paying jobs, pre-kindergarden, working with our school teachers rather than against them.”

Though he only recently joined the race, Holcomb said he is excited about the support he has received.

“I have been flat out impressed by the folks that are coming from all walks of life that are saying that we want to be part of this, part of this campaign in all 92 counties,” Holcomb said. “We are chomping at the bit, ready to go.”

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