Indiana delegates at DNC talk Kaine, hammer Pence

Sen. Tim will address the Democratic National Convention Wednesday in Philadelphia. (WISH photo)

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. (WISH) – Democrats are in the third day of their national convention in Philadelphia.

Wednesday at the DNC will feature prime time speech from President Obama, Vice President Biden and Hillary Clinton’s running mate, Sen. Tim Kaine.

Much Like Indiana Governor Mike Pence before his address at the RNC in Cleveland, Kaine heads into his speech unknown to most of the country.

While the Democrats are currently holding their convention in the city of Brotherly Love, several prominent Indiana Democrats weren’t showing Pence a whole lot.

They believe voters will like what they see from Kaine.

“Mike Pence is an ideologue. He has a social agenda and Tim Kaine just wants to make things work for Americans,” said former Congressman Baron Hill.

“I think their differences will be apparent. I think Tim Kaine has more of a personal touch. I think with Time Kaine you will find someone who is deeply thoughtful,” said Congressman Andre Carson.

According to one Indiana state representative, a Vice President Kaine would govern much differently than a Vice President Pence.

“I think our governor of Indiana, the social issues have taken complete control of him. Time Kaine understands we don’t need to be in people’s bedrooms and so we cannot control lives,” said Indianapolis Representative Cherrish Pryor.

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