San Francisco man engineers his way to 150 dates in four months

(KRON Photo)

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The man you are about to meet took searching for love to a whole new level.

He created an app that would automatically say yes or “swipe right” to Tinder matches. He soon went on 150 dates in just four months.

The 32-year-old said that normal dating was a nightmare, so he hacked it.

“A very well crafted message doesn’t really get you any more responses than if you kind of just copy and pasted an answer,” software engineer Sebastian Stadil said.

Stadil went to work designing a program that automatically responded to every nearby female on the dating app called Tinder by swiping right. In four months, he reached out to thousands of women in the Bay Area, all in his search for love.

“So, I have reached an embarrassingly large number of people. I think the application swiped right on about 200,000 people,” Stadil said. “Little bit more than 10,000 messages. One-hundred-fifty first dates.”

Sebastian went on 150 dates in four months. If someone didn’t respond to him, his program automatically sent another message, sometimes as many as seven messages.

Over the four months, the engineer said he had just over 50 second dates, 17 third dates, and spent $6,000.

He took a liking to four ladies but it didn’t work out.

“I have to admit…I did all this, and kind of don’t have a long-term significant other as a result of this,” Stadil said.

Sebastion can laugh now but said he is still looking for true love.

He also said his four months and 150 dates did not leave him empty handed.

“And what I noticed is Asian-Americans tend to swipe right on me more frequently than the general population, which means I have some certain appeal there,” Stadil said.

KRON’s J.R. Stone asked Sebastian if he plans to give away his secrets, but he says he is keeping his competitive advantage and not giving other guys his ammunition.

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