Indy With Kids: Back to School in Style

If your own children aren’t already back to school, then it’s coming soon! School buses are roaring up the streets and new sneakers are hitting the hallways. Katy Mann from Indy with Kids knows that it’s hard to keep growing children clothed, let alone being up-to-date with fashion, so she has a little style cheat sheet for Indy area families!


– Pay attention to the online ads for children’s clothing store to get a scope of what types of colors are in. We’ve noticed light blues and peaches and then more of the fuchsia, grape and garnet type colors with a lot of large floral patterns for the girls.
– Look in your children’s closets for items that might already be perfect for this season. We found this jacket and these shoes that will pair well with some of our new items.
– Buy items that can be used throughout the year, not just one season. We love this dress that Scout is wearing. It’s perfect for the end of summer and it can be worn right into fall and maybe even winter when paired with this jacket and some leggings.

i– Buy separates that can be paired with new shirts or dresses as well as ones already in your child’s closet to make different outfits.
– For boys, look for pants that are convertible from pants to a short. You’ll save money and be able to use them when it starts getting cooler.
– Don’t spend a lot of money on accessories. They’ll likely get lost, be a distraction or even get banned by the second week of school.
Try getting all of your shopping done in one place if possible. The mall has shoe stores, stores with backpacks and lunch pails, hair salons, all of the latest styles in trendy and classic stores.
Did you know that Meijer has a great selection of clothing? You’ll also find school supplies and everything you’ll need to fill their lunchbox.
– Think big picture, buy backpacks and lunch boxes that are meant to last. It may mean you don’t buy the character backpacks and that you have to pay a little more, but you won’t regret it.

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