Racing cars to racing planes: Red Bull air races coming to IMS

(WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Coming Oct. 1-2, the Red Bull Air Races will take place over the Indianapolis Motor Speedway track. 24-Hour News 8 got to take a ride with the pilots who fly the propeller planes that can go over 230 MPH.

These pilots do about 10 – 12 G’s every race in a small and very agile plane when they compete. The objective is to navigate an aerial racetrack featuring air-filled pylons in the fastest possible time while incurring as few penalties as possible.

The race in October will be inside IMS. They have safety measures ensured to protect the crowds in the event of a crash. Believe it or not, the planes will take off and land inside the track. Pilot Kirby Chambliss says it’s a race fans are going to love.

“It’s something really cool that most people have never seen,” Chambliss said. “I mean if you go to an air show it’s totally different, you’re there and you’re watching the airplanes flying around and you’re looking up. Here you’re going to be looking down on us as we are racing through the track and you are going to be amazed. We are going 230 miles an hour a few feet above the ground, gates are wizzing by we are pulling high G’s and with the point of view cameras it’s almost like putting you in the seat. I mean you see that too it’s like nothing else. It looks cool watching it on TV but watching it live is like anything else, so much better.”

Chambliss says he has a few races before he gets to IMS. They were in town shooting a promo before they head back to the states for the October race.

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