IV therapy for hangovers gaining popularity

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – It’s a practice that is already popular in cities like Las Vegas, but now “The Hangover IV” is gaining traction.

After a long night of drinking, some people are skipping water the next day and opting for a different kind of drink.

“It’s called a hangover IV, because it’s targeted towards a certain need,” said Nurse Practitioner Wendee Burnett.

For people feeling hungover or dehydrated, a nurse or doctor can give them an IV. Many people who use it say it works much faster than drinking fluids.

“Well scientifically it works by just replacing what’s lost,” said Burnett.

Owner of Alternative Health Care in Albuquerque, Christopher Hall, said hydration therapy is actually not new. But with the new name “Hangover IV” it’s taking off.

“Larger cities have tons of nightclubs and so people would want to go out, they would want to have a good time, but the next day they don’t feel so good so they would find a physician typically who would offer hydration therapy,” said Hall.

Hall jumped on the bandwagon, calling it the Hangover IV online too. But said it’s ultimately about people’s health and wellness.

“Our goal as a company is to help the person,” said Hall. “It’s not to offer trendy or fads.”

Most people that WISH-TV’s sister station KRQE News 13 spoke with said they’d give it a try at least once.

“If you have a night where you go out and have to go to work and need an IV to get you through the day, like once in a blue moon, I think that would be fine,” said one person.

“I think it could be used positively, but only in moderation,” said another person.

But others said it could encourage heavy drinking.

“I just feel like it will become an every night thing because if there is always a quick fix then why just do it one time,” said one person.

Hall said he definitely doesn’t encourage binge drinking. He said most of his clients aren’t using the “Hangover IV” because of a wild night.

“A lot of professionals come in, even EMT’s,” said Hall. “They have long shifts and they feel horrible, they need a boost.”

The Hangover IV costs anywhere from $70 to $150.

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