Local business designs shirts to support Hancock Co. law enforcement

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GREENFIELD, Ind. (WISH) — A local business in Greenfield has designed shirts to show support for Hancock County law enforcement. The “Back the Blue” movement in Indianapolis has already raised tens of thousands of dollars and a priceless amount of support for IMPD, but Team Image wanted people in Hancock County to have a way to support its local departments.

Tara McPherson works at Team Image in Greenfield, and had the idea to design t-shirts for the Greenfield Police Department and the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department.

“It’s hard for them to have a good day and do their job when they don’t know that we’re supporting them, and on the same side,” said McPherson.

Less than a week later, McPherson was blown away by the community’s response.

“We had a massive [amount of] people walking in asking ‘Can we buy these shirts? Can we buy them? When? Where?’ everybody was wanting to support,” said McPherson.

“I think they’re great,” said Greenfield Police Chief John Jester.

Jester said he’s already seen people out wearing the shirts.

“We may not speak to the people wearing them, but you can tell right up front that they’re a supporter of what we do,” said Jester.

Officers told 24-Hour News 8 the shirts are motivation.

“It makes everyone do their job better, makes them feel good and makes them want to come to work and do a good job,” said Major Brad Burkhart, with the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department.

That’s taken extra resolve lately — as violence and unrest seem to fill the headlines.

“It’s hard for them, the police officers, to be positive when people are looking so negatively at them,” said McPherson.

Jester said his officers feel the effects of the deadly shootings and protests.

“I feel for some of the other agencies around the country that don’t necessarily share the same support from their citizens that we currently have. It could change at the drop of the hat. But hopefully it won’t,” said Jester.

The shirts cost $10 in store, and prices vary by style online. At least five dollars from every purchase will go toward Cops for Kids, so officers can take children shopping for gifts during the holidays.

McPherson said she hopes to start making t-shirts for other departments in Central Indiana, so each community can show support for the specific departments in their area.



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