Men charged with 25 total felonies in Muncie torture case

Robert Walton and Benitiez McCollum (Provided Photos/Delaware County Jail)

MUNCIE, Ind. (WISH) — Two men accused of tying up and torturing three people in a Muncie auto shop face a combined 25 felony charges.

Robert Walton and Benitiez McCullum were charged in Delaware County on Tuesday. Prosecutors allege they held three people against their will, tying them up with duct tape, beating one in the head with a shovel and using a nail gun to shoot a woman repeatedly in the leg.

On August 11, an employee at McClure’s at 3700 North Broadway in Muncie said a woman walked into the store with duct tape around her neck, saying someone was trying to kill her.

She said she had escaped from GP Kustoms at 3822 North Broadway and that two more people were still being held there.

Police in Muncie found the two other victims soon after in a nearby residence.

A second female victim was unable to walk after being shot eight times in the leg with a nail gun. Court documents state the woman had eight nails removed from her leg during surgery but still has three more in her leg.

A male victim said he had been hit in the head with a shovel.

During an interview with investigators, Walton is accused of saying that he and McCullum lured the three victims into GP Kustoms, where they were bound and not allowed to leave. Walton said he used the nail gun on the woman at the direction of McCullum.

Investigators said McCullum stated that he couldn’t remember what had happened because he had been drinking alcohol.

McCullum faces 12 felony charges and Walton faces 13 felony charges. Charges include criminal confinement when armed with a deadly weapon, aggravated battery and intimidation.

Both men are set to have initial hearings on August 22.

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