100-year-old making big splash after 20 years

(Provided Photo/WLFI-TV)

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – A 100-year-old woman is making a big splash. Margaret Hicks has been a swimmer all her life. However, she hasn’t had a lot of opportunity since she moved into an assisted living facility 20 years ago. On Thursday, she was able to go swimming.

When Hicks first moved to Westminster Village, she was disappointed to learn they didn’t have a swimming pool. But recently, that changed with the opening of new wellness center.

“I was waiting 20 years for this pool, and I just had to get in it,” said Hicks.

On Thursday, that’s exactly what she did.

Many cheered her on as nurses helped her wade through the water.

“All these friends have helped me. I got in the pool. That’s a big thing,” said Hicks.

When asked how it felt to get back in the water, Hicks responded, “Good.”

It was all made possible through Westminster Wishes, a program that grants the wishes of residents. Health and wellness director Jordan Morrow said it’s been four years since Margaret’s first wish was granted.

“Actually when she was 96, we took her outside of our own community to get her in the water, and we thought that was the last time we were going to get her into a pool,” said Morrow.

But Margaret was determined to take a dip in the new pool. She said her first time won’t be her last.

“I would like to do it again!” she said.

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