The Film Yap reviews “Hell or High Water,” “War Dogs,” and more!

Film YapWondering what to see this weekend if you’re catching a show? The Film Yap’s Christopher Lloyd

• Hell or High Water


A moody, evocative Western potboiler about two brothers knocking over small banks and the crusty old lawman pursuing them. With Jeff Bridges, Chris Pine and Ben Foster. One of the best films of the year.”


• Kubo and the Two Strings


This stop-motion animation gem tells the story of a one-eyed boy in ancient Japan who can make magic with his banjo, as he is pursued by dark forces. Might be a little too scary for tykes, but wondrous for everyone else.”


• War Dogs


Jonah Hill and Miles Teller play twentysomething arms dealers who make a killing in Iraq and Afghanistan by exploiting Pentagon loopholes. Funny, caustic, tries to go too “Goodfellas” in the last act.”


• Ben-Hur


The classic epic from 1959 gets a remake with Jack Huston as the Roman prince falsely accused of treason by his adopted brother, returning years later for revenge, setting off seismic events and a chariot race.”


• The Angry Birds Movie – Adults Skip It; Kids Buy It


Doltish, boingy animated avian adventure that will delight children and make their parents want to push “Play” and leave the room. Adults Skip It; Kids Buy It.”


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