249 apartments destroyed, many without shelter after tornadoes

(WISH Photo)

KOKOMO, Ind. (WISH) — Many are without homes after a tornado tore through Howard County Wednesday.

Miraculously, only 10-15 people suffered minor injuries in the storms, but buildings, trees and crops took a beating.

In Kokomo, 249 units were destroyed in the Park Place Townhomes complex.

“It was very nerve wrecking. I was shaking very bad and then the aftermath seeing everybody it just made it worse,” said Lynn Lindberg, who lives in the complex.

And it got worse, a lot worse

“I don’t have time to go through anything. you just have to grab and go. you just have to shove it,” said Shannon Visser as she was clearing out her apartment.

Many of the apartments were waterlogged after roofs were torn off from the winds.

“None of us can stay here. We’ve been told everybody in this complex has to leave, tonight,” she said.

Leaving their furniture and homes.

“I was really sad. I mean its just like feelings. more than money issues and such,” said Hani Aboudi,” who was also forced to leave after living in the complex for just a month.

Winds topped 136 miles per hour.

Many witnessed the tornado and hid in their bathrooms, one pregnant woman couldn’t get inside and hid in her car.

Amid the trials and tribulations, there were also triumphs. Many people went to the complex to help.

Visser says a man she doesn’t even know came to help her move all of her belongings

“You see looting, you hear about the bad, but there’s a lot of good. he showed up and said how can i help and that’s what community is about,” she said.

“We’d want somebody to come help us out if we were in this position all the residents look to us for stuff too so we know how they feel,” said Greg Leffel who volunteered to help clean up.

Leffel and a group of 10 other workers came from the Magna Apartments to help clean up.

He said his boss told them to get some shovels and go help

State troopers are parked at the complex to try to stop looting in the daytime and overnight hours. Everyone entering and leaving the complex must show proof of residency.

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