Dig IN: Taste of Indiana 2016, Sunday, 12 to 4pm, Military Park

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Let’s “dig in!” Today on Indy Style, Chef Thom England, Executive Director of Dig IN, and Chef Eli Laidlaw from Plat 99, chat with us about how we can taste some of Indiana’s best!


Dig IN demonstrates that investment in Indiana food and agriculture, through education, experiences and conversation, benefits our community and economy. The organization provides educational resources for agricultural, culinary arts and local food sectors in Indiana. It increases awareness of Indiana’s diversity in agriculture and culinary arts, and Dig IN facilitates connections within the Indiana food community to enhance economic development opportunities.

High-quality, locally produced products are the hallmark of Indiana’s favorite food festival, Dig IN: Taste of Indiana 2016.
Indiana chefs, brewers, vintners and food artisans will showcase a bevy of prepared dishes and beverages. The single-price admission includes all the samples and live performances by Indiana-based musical groups.

A list of chefs, producers, wineries and breweries, as well as other event information will be posted at www.digindiana.org.
WHAT: Dig IN: Taste of Indiana 2016
WHEN: Aug. 28, 2016 from noon to 4 p.m.
WHERE: Military Park, 601 W. New York St., Indianapolis
TICKETS: Available now and at the gate

Save room to ‘dig in’ on August 28th!
The Details
More than 40 of Indiana’s finest chefs will prepare unique dishes based on fresh produce and meat and poultry from Indiana farms. Attendees will be able to interact directly with the chefs and some of the producers while dining on tastings. Come hungry and fill up over 40 different offerings available at the park.
Dig IN has partnered with the Indiana Wine Grape Council and the Brewers of Indiana Guild to provide Indiana-made wines and beers. More than 20 wineries and breweries are on tap, with additional beverages available for taste and purchase.

Chinese barbecue lamb shoulder-
1 5# lamb shoulder
1 jar char siu sauce (make your own with femented sweet red beans!)
Cornstarch for dusting
-lightly dust the lamb shoulder in cornstarch and let sit for about 5 minutes to help dry the skin and help the sauce stick to the lamb. Warm the char siu sauce so its easily spreadable, rub the shoulder fully, inside and out and let marinate 2 hours.
Roast in oven at 200 degrees for at least 16 hours or until very soft and has texture of pulled pork.
Alternatively, you could slice the shoulder very thing and grill it, basting with the sauce until charred and cooked through.
Hot mustard slaw-
1# napa cabbage, sliced fairly thick
2 each cucumbers, sliced
8oz daikon radish, shredded
6 oz hot Chinese mustard
3T sugar
2 oz rice wine vinegar
2 oz basil
3 jalepenos, seeded and sliced into thin strips
4 oz scallions, cut on bias

-Combine all vegetables together with herbs and salt lightly, tossing well and using your fingers to break up the cabbage and cucumbers a little bit. Let sit until some of the water has come out of the vegetables. While your cabbage mixture is resting, mix together the rice wine and hot mustard and the touch of sugar. Toss with your cabbage mixture and season to taste. It should be pungent from the mustard, crunchy, just barely salty, and slightly acidic and sweet.

Pull the lamb apart with your hands or put in a mixer on low with the dough hook.
Grill a small piece of naan bread or pita, basted with some olive oil (ginger oil works great for this!)
Top the naan bread with some of the lamb and a pinch of the slaw
Lets Eat!!

62% pot de crème-
20 oz 62% chocolate
3 cups cream
3 cups whole milk
12 yolks
10T maple sugar
1 vanilla bean
½ t salt
Heat cream and milk with vanilla bean. Mix the yolks with the maple sugar, whisk until light and to the ribbon stage (falls of whisk in ribbons). Temper in the hot milk mixture to the eggs, pour it over the chocolate and don’t whisk for a minute. This helps to completely melt the chocolate. Once you’ve let the chocolate mixture set for a minute, start to whisk to incorporate all the chocolate, then whisk more vigorously to really aerate the chocolate. Using a 4 oz ladle, pour into the dishes and bake at 200 no water bath for about 20 minutes or until fully set.

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