Pence cuts ribbon on Carmel HQ

(WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Mike Pence is back in campaign mode.

The governor made a brief campaign appearance in Carmel Friday where supporters got see what he is saying in appearances all around the country.

Pence appeared at the grand opening of a Trump-Pence campaign headquarters and delivered remarks that varied only slightly from the standard stump speech that he gives in battleground states.

The candidate for vice president also cut a ceremonial ribbon for a headquarters that will serve as a place to deploy volunteers and hand out campaign materials.

He told the crowd that he spoke with Donald Trump twice Friday and he said that Trump always tells him to talk about Indiana.

And when the governor talked about Indiana he also asked supporters to help out families affected by this week’s rash of tornadoes.

“We’re through the response phase,” he said, “we’re in the recovery phase. And remember them in your prayers but also if you’ve go a few dollars on the side, if you can be generous or as the chairman (GOP Chairman Jeff Cardwell) often does, if you can donate a little food or if you can donate a little time there’s a lot of hurting families.”

And with the response phase completed, it’s back on the campaign trail for Pence Saturday. He heads to Virginia for a rally.

That’s the home of Tim Kaine, the Democratic candidate for vice president. It’s also one of those battleground states.

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