Heavy rain brings flooding to Indianapolis

(Photo by Breonna Nicole)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Heavy rain brought flash flooding to the Indianapolis area Friday evening.

Countless streets around the city were underwater, prompting drivers to either turn around or slow down. The National Weather Service says 2.4 inches of rain fell at its Indianapolis office over the evening.

Water rose to above car tires in the Castleton Square Mall parking lot.

Some people living on North Ralston and Hillside Avenue were waiting to get back into their homes Friday evening.

Michael Doss said he was in the living room with his family when when the rain gushed through. He said his family had to grab whatever they could and climb out the window. He said the water pressure prevented them from opening the door. The water came up to his waist. Video at the top of this page shows the home.

This comes just two days after six different tornadoes touched down in Howard, Montgomery, Carroll and Marion counties. At least 80 homes were destroyed in Kokomo after an EF-3 and EF-0 swept through the area.

Just Friday morning, residents in Indianapolis where taken off guard when the tornado sirens were sounded around 8:30 a.m. The Department of Homeland Security in Indianapolis said the sirens sounded because and Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officer spotted what looked like funnel clouds on the northwest side of the city. Homes were damaged and thousands were without power when the storm came through.

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