Todd Young picks up big endorsements

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Republican Todd Young picked up a pair of significant endorsements in the race for U.S. Senate Monday and they include a big campaign contribution.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Indiana Chamber of Commerce are both opposing Democrat Evan Bayh in the Senate race even though Bayh worked for the U.S. Chamber after he left the Senate in 2011.

The joint announcement brings with it a million dollar contribution. It’s money that will pay for negative TV ads directed at Bayh that will attack his voting record.

“It means tons to me,” said Young. “This is really an endorsement by Indiana’s workers. Their employers who represent the interests of the workers want to grow more jobs, want to make sure those jobs pay better.”

And while this is about Young versus Bayh, it’s also about which party will control the U.S. Senate following the election. The U.S. Chamber is pulling for the Republicans.

“Whoever controls the Senate of the United States will determine what the Supreme Court looks like for a full generation,” said Rob Engstrom of the U.S. Chamber.

State Democratic Chairman John Zody believes that the battle for control of the Senate will not be a determining factor in this race.

“It doesn’t matter what’s happening nationally,” he said. “Evan Bayh’s gonna stay focused on what’s happening here in Indiana.”

The U.S. Chamber and the Indiana Chamber are being consistent. They also endorsed Todd Young in the Republican primary in May.

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